Who We Are

Tricounty Family Ministries, is a non-profit, ecumenical ministry providing food, clothing, medical care, counseling, job training & placement, shelter, financial assistance and other vital services to the less fortunate in the tricounty area. It offers a safe, compassionate, and inviting place for all people in need.

If you need to utilize any of our services, please stop in at our office and speak to us.

A Voice to the Homeless

Amanda wants to give a “voice” to the homeless. She, her fiancé, and pup Binkie found themselves homeless after they both lost their jobs. She applied for disability, but was declined. Not knowing where to turn and spending several nights in a vacant building, she came to Tricounty Family Ministries.

Our Counselor was able to assess the situation. Amanda was given spiritual guidance, help with strategies for her future, and a train ticket back to Florida where she has family support.

We don’t turn people, who are just trying to survive away. Tricounty Family Ministries provides hope to those needing a compassionate voice and guidance as to their lives’ direction.

Please consider what impact your life can have on so many others with Tricounty Family Ministries.

This video gives an overview of Who We Are.

Our History

Lutheran Social Services of the Greater Charleston Area, Inc. (LSS) began as a humble soup kitchen and clothes closet in 1983 by several Lutheran and Methodist churches in the Tricounty area. This was the beginning of an incredible ministry.

In 1991, LSS began DBA Tricounty Family Ministries. It was reinvented and transformed, by Sue Hanshaw, Exec. Director, along with the original churches and numerous non-denominational churches and volunteers to become the largest ministry of its kind serving the Tricounty area.

Over the years we added clothing distribution, home-bound meal delivery, and food pantry. We have served over 6. 3 million services to date. However, we realize that solving the problem of poverty goes much deeper than simply providing basic needs. Tricounty Family Ministries addresses the cyclical causes of poverty and abuse as clients come to our center for basic needs, but they can take advantage of complete life-changing programs geared to move those in crisis to self-sustainability.

When clients present at our intake area, we assess their situations and show them what programs and services we provide. Ongoing assistance requires accountability and completion of on-site financial classes.

We added Healing Hands Ministry in 2002 to address health matters in our multi-tiered approach to bringing justice to the impoverished. We promote healthier lifestyles and increase access to care through advocacy, education, intervention, and networking. We are staffed with retired part-time and volunteer nursing professionals, social worker, and four physicians; Internal Medicine, Neurologist, Psychiatrist and General Practioner by providing dental clinics with partnering dental practices, mental health/addictions counseling, vision care, and vital prescription funding, we are changing the community’s standard of health.

Families in Transition began in 2003 with residential apartments and life coaching. The program expanded to incorporate counseling, financial education, computer skills, and job training. Led by our licensed counselor and volunteer licensed professionals from the community, we strive to teach sustainable solutions through individual empowerment. Tricounty Family Ministries’ partnerships, including SC Works, aid us as we provide literacy skills, employment keys, job placement and job fairs.

in 2017, Tricounty Family Ministries opened the doors to our new facility at the corner of Cosgrove Avenue and Rivers Avenue. After nearly 34 years in our original location, we were able to locate all operations under one roof in the first floor of Cherokee Place United Methodist Church. The expansion includes an indoor dining area to provide clients a safe, comfortable place to enjoy meals out of the elements.