Embracing Youthful Volunteer Enthusiasm

First Baptist School Sophomores Learning Young about the Value of Volunteering

Two sophomore students from First Baptist School are on board with some serious volunteering and fund-raising activities for Tricounty Family Ministries this spring.  Ann Marie Classen and Talia Nguyen are fully committed to “high effort” participation in their school’s annual Sophomore Service Project.

Students participating in the project are expected to at least double the $100 given to each by the school and commit ten hours of service to their charity of choice. For both Ann Marie and Talia, their choice is Tricounty Family Ministries.  “I love seeing people I know here. I have served here before and my church, Redeemer Lutheran, comes here on Christmas. I told Talia a little bit about Tricounty Family Ministries and all the important things they do for the community, and she wanted to commit to them for the project, too,” says Ann Marie.

Ann Marie (left) and Talia (right) with Tricounty Family Ministries CEO Sue Hanshaw and our pickle mascot, Gurdy Gherkin.

“I would love to help and try and make a difference here,” Talia added.  First step, the young ladies will be collecting shoes and clothes for both men and women by reaching out to the community and placing receiving boxes in strategic places and at their church. At the end of the project, they will be graded on the amount of hours, effort and time they put in and will be required to write a paper and show pictures of the work they performed for Tricounty Family Ministries.  “Two hundred dollars is just the beginning. We plan to make much more,” exclaimed Ann Marie.  They have big shoes to fill. In the past, some students have made as much as $7,000.00 for their charity of choice.

Thank you Anne Marie and Talia. We couldn’t do what we do without the enthusiastic good work of you and others in the greater Charleston community! God bless you.