Helping Families in a Pickle

Welcome to our new Tricounty Family Ministries Blog – Helping Families in a Pickle

Though Tricounty Family Ministries started as a food kitchen nearly 35 years ago, today it is that and much more. Serving approximately 400 hot meals daily (millions of  them over the years), Tricounty Family Ministries (TFM) is committed to feeding the hungry through our kitchen, Meals on Wheels, and food pantry, but our mission is much broader.

We strive to go deeper, starting with addressing the initial crisis (hunger, homelessness, illness, joblessness), provide the stability to guide our clients through their personal storm, and finally  provide the skills to establish self-sustainability.  On these pages, you’ll learn about the stories and meet the faces of some of the many volunteers, staff, and clients engaged in our glimmer of hope purpose.

Whether it be the nurses and doctors in our Healing Hands Ministry providing primary care, healthcare navigation, and medical education, our life coaches and addiction counselors from Families in Transition, financial advisers from Community Needs, job skills training and workplace literacy in Life Skills Education, or advocacy and community events through our vast and generous community outreach network, you’ll learn their stories and those of our clients here.

As we continue to move forward to help you know a little more about what we do, it is our hope that you will consider TFM as a destination for  volunteering, donations, or event participation, and give us an opportunity to tell the great Charleston community more about you. Our mascot Gurdy Gherkin has also come on board to help spread the word, the dignified mission that ultimately defines our purpose, helping families in a pickle.

We look forward to meeting you. Please feel free to follow us on Facebook @TricountyFamilyMinistries and Instagram @Tricountyfamilyministries and share your thoughts and comments. We look forward to hearing from you!