Legal Eagle Helps Spirits Soar

Legal Eagle Helps Spirits Soar with Pro Bono Counsel

Dealing with legal issues can be daunting even under the best of circumstances. Many of Tricounty Family Ministries guests come to us from real life circumstances that can involve homelessness, joblessness, hunger, and illness, so dealing with legal struggles like divorce, social security, or landlord/tenant disputes can be overwhelming, seemingly impossible to resolve.

That’s where our resident South Caroline pro bono attorney Mitch Sherr comes to the rescue with a lifetime of legal counsel experience and a generous heart. Several a mornings a week, Mitch is at our N. Charleston office helping clients in need. Often, he’ll pass through the intake registration area or dining room to reach out to clients, to let him know he is available and how he can help. “Does anyone here need legal assistance of any kind?,” he’s often heard to say. He helps people with no or low income resolve the full gamut of legal matters including social security, disability, landlord disputes, divorce, or any other imaginable legal matter.

Mitch Sherr donates his time and legal skills pro bono for Tricounty Family Ministries guests.

“I strive to get our guest he services they need and also to refer them to other facilities in greater Charleston. I provide legal advice internally and contact information for state and federal agencies. Birth certificate and state ID’s are often a problem. Guests will have these things stolen and they have no way to prove who they are. I help wherever I can to resolve issues and get through the system. This is a big part of what I do, ” says Mitch.

The semi-retired lawyer has graced our floors for four years. “I enjoy the work and interacting with people. I am here because I get as much out of this job as I give.”