The Doctor Is In

The Doctor Is In – Dr. Barbara Hildreth

Monday morning doctor consultations are an integral part of Tricounty Family Ministries Healing Hands Ministry, and Dr. Barbara Hildreth is an integral part of them. Every other Monday morning, from 9:30 until there are no guests left to serve, Dr. Barbara is here to help heal sore throats, colds, write prescriptions, issue over the counter medicines, gauge blood pressure and temperatures, and whatever else is needed.  Often, guests are without funds and need medicines and referrals to other clinics for follow-up care.

Dr. Hildreth is an internist with a life-long passion for helping and healing others. “I have done a lot of Mission Trips overseas over the years, but more recently, I felt it was just as important to contribute locally. I feel like I need to give back, as if I’ve been called. God has given me the purpose of being a Medical Doctor. It is my responsibility and my privilege to give back,” explains Dr. Hildreth.

Gauging blood pressure is one of many ways Dr. Hildreth aids our guest in need of medical care.

She was drawn to Tricounty Family Ministries initially through her mother, Marie Putney ,an active member of the Board of Directors and the person that hired our current CEO, Sue Hanshaw, who describes Dr. Hildreth as “the real deal.”

“When her mother passed, Dr. Barbara donated $75,000 of her estate to Tricounty Family Ministries,” says Hanshaw. “Barbara truly cares about helping others. We love her and greatly value her contributions to our Healing Hands Ministry.”

Dr. Barbara talks mostly about what she can do for her patients. “We give someone an opportunity to speak to a Doctor and get advice and help them to navigate the system because they cannot. We refer them to specialists and primary care and get them access to care and direct them to the right place, because often people do not know where to go.”

DID YOU KNOW? Healing Hands Ministry distributed 35 pairs of reading glasses to our guests since the beginning of 2019 and welcomes donations.

A wife and mother of three grown children, Dr. Barbara has maintained a practice out of Roper St. Francis for the past twenty years. “I’m blessed to have the time and the support from Roper and my job to be  able to contribute to Healing Hands Ministry.”