What We Do

A holistic approach to changing lives

Tricounty Family Ministries began in 1983 as a humble soup kitchen providing bagged lunches to the hungry. Obviously, meeting the basic human needs for survival is only the beginning point of our organization. Clients come to our Center in need of food, clothing, or shelter. We meet those basic needs and work with them to understand the cause of the crisis in their lives and then open the doors to opportunities throughout our array of onsite programming and extensive referral network. At Tricounty Family Ministries, clients are not a number; clients are individuals deserving respect and care.

Please click on the links below to learn more about the vast programs we provide to the community in need.

Feeding Programs

Has your stomach ever growled because you haven’t eaten for three days? Did your parents make you take turns at meals because there wasn't enough food for everyone? Did you ever worry about your children not having enough to eat? Did you worry about your elderly parents making soup from ketchup packets for their one daily meal? You might be surprised at the number of people in the Lowcountry who are desperately hungry.


Clothes House

The renovated garage behind the Tricounty Family Ministries Center holds a small room filled with a variety of donated clothes for men, women and children: pants, shirts, coats, dresses, shoes, and more. Volunteers sort through these items daily and distribute them to those who show up in need.


Healing Hands

Tricounty Family Ministries’ volunteer health program strives to foster and facilitate ``whole person`` health (body, mind and spirit) of anyone in need. These Healing Hands Ministries focus on helping under-served, uninsured and lost individuals with their medical needs, while fostering relationships that empower them to better maintain their own long-term health care.


Families in Transition

An old fire station gifted to Tricounty Family Ministries paved another way to help families in need: Provide them with temporary shelter and a life overhaul to help them turn their lives around permanently.


Community Needs

A mother experiences serious medical bills and can’t pay her light or water bill. An individual has been laid off and is about to be evicted. A family needs transportation to get to another community where the father has a new job waiting. Sometimes folks just hit a financial bump in the road and need a temporary helping hand to get around it and keep going.


Pass The Purse

Pass the Purse - The Lady to Lady Project began in the fall of 2015 from the inspiration of Philicia, one of our amazing volunteers. Pass the Purse is a call to action. Imagine not having a ponytail holder for your hair, no toothbrush or toothpaste, no feminine hygiene products during your time of need, or going without tissue; wiping your tears on your sleeve.