Clothes House

We Clothe Those in Need

The Tricounty Family Ministries Center holds a small room filled with a variety of donated clothes for men, women and children: pants, shirts, coats, dresses, shoes, and more. Volunteers sort through these items daily and distribute them to those who show up in need.

Clothing is a constant need as shown in the approximately 800 pieces of clothing given away each month. Last year alone Tricounty Family Ministries supplied over 8,000 pieces of clothing to almost 3,500 people.

If a client needs any specific items not found in our clothes closet, we contract with Goodwill to provide those items. Likewise, any items that cannot be used at Tricounty Family Ministries are donated to Goodwill.

Clothing items most needed:

  • Men and Women’s shoes, size 9 and above
  • Women’s clothing in plus-sizes
  • New underwear
  • Men’s jeans, especially size 30 x 31
  • Men’s pants in smaller sizes
  • Women’s jeans, especially size 12 and above

A personal story

In February a man stopped by the Tricounty Family Ministries Center in dire need. Although the morning temperatures hovered around 36 degrees, Ronald* had no coat and wore rags wrapped around his feet. While he ate a hot lunch, a volunteer picked out items for him from our clothes closet.

Ronald* came with only rags on his feet, but he left wearing new boots, a warm coat, and a wide smile that reminded us of why we are here. No one should have to go without basic clothing in a community with so much to share.

* Names have been changed.