Community Needs

We Help with Basic Financial Needs

A mother experiences serious medical bills and can’t pay her light or water bill. An individual has been laid off and is about to be evicted. A family needs transportation to get to another community where the father has a new job waiting. Sometimes folks just hit a financial bump in the road and need a temporary helping hand to get around it and keep going.

That’s the simple idea behind Tricounty Family Ministries’ new Community Needs Assistance Program (CNAP), which provides limited emergency assistance to help pay mortgages, rent, utilities, transportation and other basic needs for those experiencing temporary financial setbacks.

Because so many in our community suffer financial distress at one time or another, Tricounty Family Ministries’s efforts are coordinated with other area agencies offering this type of assistance to allow everyone to work together to extend available resources to benefit the most people in need.

A personal story

Ethel*, an elderly woman who is legally blind, lives alone on her meager Social Security check. Unbeknownst to her, a leaking pipe had caused her water bill to skyrocket until she was unable to pay for continued service.

With her phone as her only access, Ethel contacted several other agencies who were unable to help her. Without running water for several days and in a great deal of distress, she was in tears by the time she contacted Tricounty Family Ministries to ask for help with her water bill.

After a call to the utility company and a pledge to cover her bill, Ethel’s water was once again turned on. She called back to Tricounty Family Ministries with obvious relief in her voice as she expressed her deep gratitude for our assistance.

* Names have been changed.